American Patriotism - It isn’t just a Flag thing

  • Jul 17, 2020

American Patriotism - It isn’t just a Flag thing defines patriotism simply as: love for or devotion to one's country.


This can be expressed in so many different ways as we have seen over the past years.  Waving a flag/not waving a flag, standing for the National Anthem/not standing for the National anthem, voting/not voting and the list goes on and on.  What people seem to forget is that we can show our patriotism economically as well.  In the opinion of this humble author of this blog, buying local or USA made products is one of the more patriotic things you can do.


When buying a local product, you support your local economy which is not just the owner of that business but the people who work for that business.  It is a simple case of economics.  If business is busy, 1 person can’t handle the job of providing good customer service so that business has to hire someone to help.  That person now has a job and an income that allows them to purchase goods/services of their own thus perpetuating the cycle allowing everyone to grow through support of local business.  As the business grows, more people are needed which continues the growth cycle.


Purchasing USA made products works in the same way on a much larger scale.  You will find that most products that you can purchase that are not made in the USA have a made in the USA counterpart.  When purchasing Made in the USA, you are not only supporting the seller of the product but the manufacturer of the product as well as the employees that make the product.  If it is a union shop you are supporting the Unions as well.  Every time a product is purchased that is made somewhere else, you may still be supporting the seller in the USA but you are not supporting the supply chain.  USA made products support the supply chain as well as the seller.


Probitas Promotions is dedicated to helping you find just that right promotional item for your project but if you want to exercise some Economic Patriotism, then remember to ask for some USA Made item options from your Swag Pro.

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