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  • May 8, 2020

Business Casual is evolving… how you can stay on trend & engage your Millennial & Gen Z employees.

Savanah Simmers - May 2020



A quick intro about me… I’m Savanah Simmers, one of three owners of Probitas Promotions & I am a Millennial. 


Alright… Boomers, I know you’re already ready to abandon this blog post but bare with me… my goal is to provide insight to business leaders from a Business Owner, Swag Pro & Millennial. These I believe qualify me to provide you with well thought out, quality information on how Business Casual is rapidly yet subtly changing right in front of our eyes. 


Are you in an office right now? Or going to be in one soon? 

First, I challenge you to take a quick look around… what is everyone wearing? Is it a required uniform? Suit? Jeans? Athleisure? 


Second, does how they look influence their ability to do their job? Does it influence their credibility to customers? Do they look Happy? (yes, I went there… this question matters A LOT) Do they look Comfortable? Do they look Confident? 


These are a few questions I want you to keep in mind as you read along (ps. If you’ve made it this far I appreciate it!)


So, what does the new business casual look like? 


Don’t get me wrong, I love a man in a great suit & tie as much as the next girl but unless you're in Finance, Law or Politics, this is not the future of Business Casual. 


The New Business Casual  will include athleisure, jeans, graphic tees, retro influenced, hoodies, jean jackets, crop tops, hats, beanies, scarves, scrunchies, blue light glasses, sandals, tennis shoes, and so much more!


Don’t like what I had to say above? No Way, not in your business - it won’’t look that way! 


STAY WITH ME… Trust me, it will start to look that way! Your office might not become full blown Silicon Valley, Facebook. Google vibes but it will grow to it. 


So here’s your chance… Probitas is here to help you grasp and control this movement!


I am going to level with you… This movement panics me at times! Me, a full blown 1992 Millennial. Like most of you, I grew up and was taught how to dress and act in a traditional business space. 


Guess what… yes you guessed it -- there is NOTHING traditional about how we are doing business in the 21st Century (at least not if you’re doing business for the future) 


What should you do next? 


  1. Call Probitas Promo - not to toot our own horn but, toot toot. We are your partner through navigating the new business casual. Our are the perfect way for you to let your employees express themselves creatively through apparel while you control what level of new business causal you are comfortable with.

  2. Get Educated - I am going to break down a few things for you. 

    1. Types of Business Casual & their environment

    2. Types of Decoration & what products they work best on

  3. Business Casual - 

    1. Corporate -- yes, you are right - it will still exist and we love it. This is our bread and butter of logo’d apparel - polos, twills, cardigans and more! How this will become new is the introduction of new styles & new fabrics that are designed for comfort!

    2. Casual -- time to touch your toes in the water… Here is where I get excited. Causal is the hybrid of Corporate & Cool. Casual is where I challenge you to start if you are not here yet. Introducing  colors, unique logo placement, elements of streetwear, quarter zips, jeans, lifestyle brands & styles.  

    3. Cool -- Did you warm up to it yet? Ready to JUMP In!? I love cool!  If you are warming up to it, this is a great time to start to integrate this on Casual Fridays - relax restrictions and create a fun, inviting work environment!

  4. Decoration

    1. Embroidery - this is our most traditional form of decoration on logo’d apparel - strong influence in Corporate & Casual styles. Embroidery is based on stitch count rather than quantity of colors.

    2. Screen Print - another very traditional method, nearly every American owns a screen printed t-shirt of some kind. For new business casual, we recommend using screen print on premium quality apparel such as tri blend tees, hoodies & crewnecks.

    3. Vinyl / Heat Transfer - we will admit a few years ago this was a ‘cheap’ looking form of decoration. Vinyl has come leaps and bounds - metallic colors, digitally printed vinyl for full color or gradient designs, to now raised rubber giving you a custom look! This method is great for small quantities, unique logo positions, lightweight performance material, as well as many other uses.

    4. Patches -  Patches are making their comeback - and we love it! Patches can be a great alternative for embroidery on heavy, detailed logos or just great for a brand looking to stand out! 

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about where I believe business casual  is going & I hope our team at Probitas can assist you in gearing up your team with apparel they love! 


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