Wait...You do that too?

  • Aug 14, 2020

Wait...You do that too? 

Mary Erdmann, Swag Pro


I’ve heard that question over and over in my 18 years in the promotional product and apparel industry and each time it gives me a jolt of energy to be able to teach someone more about what we do each day at Probitas Promotions. Below is my list of things that you should know…. ….but maybe you didn’t. 



#6. Trade Show displays

 If this one is obvious to you, then congrats! I am glad that it is an easy one. However there are some that aren’t “in the know.” Trade show displays can be as simple as a logoed table cloth and a pull up banner or the detailed experience from floor to ceiling that those major companies display at trade shows. Above all, your trade show booth needs to make an impact and we can help, no matter your budget!



#5. Door Mats

Wait...what? Yup. That is right. If you need your logo, school name or organization, look no further my friends! Door mats are everywhere and we can help. Many businesses are told that door mats need to be laundered often and should be purchased from those industrial companies. Well I am here to tell you that it isn’t true. Proper rug care is regular vacuuming which most of your business floors are kept up anyways. As with all promotional products, door mats come in all shapes, sizes and materials depending on your business needs. Also door mats are a great fundraising item too! For example, the prom committee at your local high school sells door mats for the front doors of their hometown supporters.  We can make it happen. You just gotta ask Probitas for door mats! 



#4. Awards

This one may not always top of mind when you think of Probitas Promotions but hopefully it will be. Awards are anything that show recognition to an individual or an organization for something well done. It can be a simple plaque on the wall, a piece of art for a desk or a perpetual sign in your lobby with multiple names displayed. Awards say “thank you” and should be a proud thing for someone to receive. Lead Crystal, wood, marble, glass, plastic, we do it all and we do it within your budget. 



#3 Years of Service

 Number three might go hand in hand with number four in the awards category but it also deserves a mention on it’s own. Years of Service items recognize an employee or volunteer for their years of hard work and dedication to that organization. Years of service can be an award to sit on their desk, a fancy lapel pin to go on their badge for patients and coworkers to see, or even a certificate framed to hang on the wall. Again, the “Thank You” is the most important thing to say and we can help you say it with appreciation and gratitude. 





#2 Incentives

Related to Numbers 3 and 4, Incentives are the  sometimes forgotten cousin on your mom’s side of the family. They show up in a brainstorming session occasionally but without any real direction, they disappear and don’t show their face again. Incentives can be EASY! Promise! Incentives can be safety programs, years of service, awards, sales contests, attendance goals, fitness challenges or anything that you want to set a goal for in hopes of achieving. Levels of gifts are selected with multiple product options such such as water bottles to Maui Jim sunglasses. Then placed on various mediums for easy redemption by your recipients. Using incentives will SMASH your goals and Probitas knows just how! 


#1 Custom Apparel

Seems like a no brainer again but custom clothing has taken our industry by storm! Once 1,200 pieces of clothing were the minimum to order but now just as little as 50 qty can be custom made for your business. Your PMS colors. Your brand standards. Your own tags. Sky's the limit! We can customize anything from caps, to jackets to polos to hoodies to even pieces that you make up! Want a long sleeve t-shirt in PMS 3945? You got it! Want a hoodie with your mission statement inside the hood? Done! You want legging with your studio name going down the outside leg? Bam! You want an oversize sleep shirt that goes to your ankles in soft suede? Deal. Let Probitas help you design your own unique clothing to set your business apart from the rest. 



Now that you know of these six little nuggets of promotional product knowledge, run with it. Have fun with it!


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