Trojan Promotions

Probitas Promotions and Daydreams Specialties were approached by the Estate of Trojan Promotions to purchase the business following the tragic news of Troy & Jessica Nelson.  “On behalf of the Troy and Jessica Nelson Estate we are extremely pleased that these two local companies have acquired Trojan Promotions. Their commitment to this community, its employees and clients is what we were looking for as new owners of  Trojan Promotions. We wish them well in all their future endeavors”. - Kevin Ritterman, President of Dakota Commercial. We [Probitas Promotions & Daydreams Specialties] are extremely humbled and honored that we were asked to carry on the legacy of Troy & Jessica Nelson and care for the clients and employees of Trojan Promotions 

Probitas Promotions and Daydreams Specialties will continue to operate individually while integrating the Trojan employees and clients into their businesses. below this please enter a button that says  Continue onto Probitas Promotions 

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